We design a new way of thinking, while seeing beyond norms, rebelling against stereotypes, hacking life, and exploring the unknown.

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  • Who We Are:

    We are a group of conscientious, heart-centered people, who seek to inspire the young minds and the young-at-heart adults to navigate life’s roadblocks and U-turns, while regaining their much needed confidence, core values, health, and happiness.

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  • What We Want:

    We want you to join us, bringing the needed awareness to other like-minded people, love and empowerment, motivation and self-reliance, resilience and stress-free attitude, for the betterment of this human kind race, with an emphasis on young minds and young-at-heart adults.

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Covering enlightened education; happiness; family, friends and relationships; core values; health and fitness; spirituality, passion, employment and business.

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About Us

In trying to find a way to assist youth, young adults, and the young at heart with self-esteem issues, determination, and motivation in life, See Beyond Magazine was born. In its pages, we are aiming to provide inspiration and strategies that enable these young minds to perceive life beyond the veil of temporary disillusionment, rollercoaster setbacks, devastating breakups, and the monumental stress of rainy days and dark nights. See Beyond Magazine constitutes the launching pad of a new movement for all those who have forgotten their innate limitless potential. In the end, it is not how many times we fall down, but how many times we pick ourselves up that matters.

Our Mission

See Beyond Magazine’s mission is to support others, particularly the younger generation in getting it right the first time, without having to make huge U-turns later in life. Raising awareness of how belief systems and core values affect choices helps young people discover who they really are. They come to know their passions and paint their future in brighter colors; they begin to expect the best out of each and every situation, no matter how bleak it appears.
See Beyond Magazine will guide teens and young adults with their discovery mission, while going back to their roots, to the incipient stage of human life and draw from that innocent phase of pure love.

How Can You Help

1. Join our magazine and share your ideas with other like-minded people.
2. Become our speaker for the next workshops and conferences we will organize.
3. Help us with the movement by spreading the word to your own community.
4. Sponsor our events.
5. Find your inner fearless voice.


Stefanie Elwood


Education should consist of challenges, skill builders, a bit of memorization, philosophical discussions, rigorous researching, a little soul searching, reasonable stress and many opportunities to shine. Teaching is about relationships and stories and life. Lectures should feel like conversations because when students look forward to class, they come with willing hearts and open minds.

Audra Russell


We live in times where happiness has become a rationed commodity that is sold to us in bite-sized pieces by our own monopolistic minds. Our ability to remain in a state of happiness is based on who or what has the key to our treasure trove. Each breathing, living moment holds infinite potential.

Kristen Hernandez


How are your relationships? How are your interactions with your family members? What are your friendships like? For many of us the answer to these questions leads to areas of discontent and hope for improvement. This section is intended to improve your love for life, …

Penney Peirce


No matter what our age, there are times in life where we may wonder and question ourselves on:  • “Did I make the right choice?” • “How did my actions affect another person?” • “Why does it seem like I am always having problems with my relationships?”…

Annamaria Poluha


Genetics and willpower only get you so far. In the modern world of NOW, you need to ensure that you are the priority in your life. That means fueling yourself first so you can become your greatest asset, for yourself, your family, and your life. After all, when you take care of you, others are nourished. The best way to stay in an optimal state and thrive is through properly feeding the mind, body and soul.

Annie Sims


Spirituality refers to paying attention to the larger part of us, often referred to as the soul. We are each three-part beings made up of mind, body, and soul, and the soul is that part of us that is most purely connected to what some call God, Allah, Source Energy, …

Charmaine Hammond


There is no better time than now to turn your passion and purpose into a lucrative thriving business. Passionate, conscious and heart centred entrepreneurs are making a big shift – a positive shift on the planet. While passion is an essential ingredient for business success, it is not the sole ingredient.

Gail Simard


Mindfulness refers to the intentional act of bringing one’s attention to the present moment, where the so much looked-after-answers are at hand. The term itself derives from the Pali-term sati, an essential part of the Buddhist practice of being aware, while being conscious of the link between the body and the mind. By practicing mindfulness, humans can enhance their well-being and well perceived health.

Victoria Clark


Life is a beautiful mess of everything imaginable. Whether the world withers at your fingertips or the breath of a new day races through your body, everything has meaning. As we journey through this crazy adventure, we all will see and experience the crazy twists and turns of life. We will see mountains and oceans, stars and rivers, or maybe simply the road we live on, but no matter what, everything is an adventure.

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