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  • Bring Projects to Life with Crowdfunding  

    Bring Projects to Life with Crowdfunding  

    Every day, I get the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs with big ambitions and projects to bring to life. I feel strongly that when dreams are raised, our world is a better place. Many people love the idea of becoming an author, bringing their story to the world, and making a difference with their message or…

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  • Navigating New Year’s Intentions

    Navigating New Year’s Intentions

    As the New Year unfolds, many of us embark on a journey of personal transformation, often symbolized by New Year’s resolutions and goals. But how often do we pause to distinguish between these two? Understanding this difference is crucial to setting ourselves up for success. Resolutions vs. Goals Resolutions often represent the overarching themes or…

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  • Stop Focusing on the Mirror

    Stop Focusing on the Mirror

    Someone dear to me is struggling with emotional problems, self-esteem issues, and past trauma. “Annie” posted a meme on FB of a gorgeous woman in a slinky, dark green evening gown. She stands beside this caption: “In the Era of loving myself more.” Then, Annie added, “It’s not easy, but I’m doing it.” Dear Annie…

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  • Opportunities in Disguise 

    Opportunities in Disguise 

    NOTE: How you prepare for the possibility of an unexpected change in conditions and circumstances can be a blessing disguised as something else. Watch for those opportunities; they rarely give you a warning. It finally happened.   After doing all my research about the company, the competition and the individual who made the decisions about the…

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  • A Pup’s Life

    A Pup’s Life

    Hello. I’m Trooper, Chris’ huge yellow Labrador. Well, Chris took his own advice from the last article. Remember this line? “If you find it in your heart and have the budget, get yourself a dog!” Chris welcomed a chocolate Lab puppy named Mac into the family! He is ten weeks old. His mother survived the…

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  • Universe? Pick on Someone Your Own Size!

    Universe? Pick on Someone Your Own Size!

    Recently, Funk and I replaced an incredibly ugly coffee table with a more stylish piece from Anthropologie. Ever since, he’s been stubbing his size 16 feet on the legs and howling like a little baby. And of course, every time he does, I fall into a heap of laughter on the floor. One day not…

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  • Resilience . . . a Required Skill for Today’s Workplace

    Resilience . . . a Required Skill for Today’s Workplace

    The amount of change we have all experienced over the past five years is pretty significant, and change can impact our resilience. As the saying goes, we can’t pour from an empty cup. Now more than ever, resilience is a required skill to help employees succeed and grow with the organization, build respectful healthy relationships,…

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  • It’s a Brand-New Year!

    It’s a Brand-New Year!

    Happy New Year! There’s a magical feeling on the first day of a new year. It’s turning a page to a fresh chapter, embracing the opportunity for a sparkling, clean slate. Whatever I achieved or didn’t, it’s all in the past now, and I can chart my course anew. There is beauty in the ability…

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  • Self-Discovery and Transformation 

    Self-Discovery and Transformation 

    As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to embark on a reflective journey to assess the past year and shape the year ahead. This process is not merely about evaluating what worked or didn’t; it’s also an opportunity for profound self-awareness and personal growth. This journey is about transcending regret or disappointment and focusing…

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  • A Symphonic Scope to Life

    A Symphonic Scope to Life

    In honor of Calin Huma’s homeland, we have provided a Romanian translation for his cover article.  To read the English version and all the SBM articles, click on the magazine at the top of this page.  În tinerețe am fost învățat să apreciez multe lucruri, inclusiv muzica clasică. Am crescut ascultând muzică și, fără să-mi dau seama,…

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  • A guide to guilt-free holiday hosting

    A guide to guilt-free holiday hosting

    The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time for loved ones to celebrate with lots of laughter and, of course, delicious food. Although indulging in decadent treats is tempting, hosting a holiday party doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your commitment to health and wellness. In fact, it’s entirely possible to create a fun, festive…

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  • A Furry Super Hero for Christmas? 

    A Furry Super Hero for Christmas? 

    Is your dog your best friend? Your guardian angel? Is your dog a super hero? I have a big yellow lab named Trooper. He is my super hero and SO much more!! It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that he sneaks out on Christmas Eve to be Santa’s not-so-little helper!  A couple years ago, I…

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  • Gift Giving Quandary

    Gift Giving Quandary

    Oh, to be young again. Not for fewer wrinkles or greater agility—although that might be nice. But no. It would be great to go back to the years when we actually wanted something for Christmas. My family gave up exchanging gifts amongst the parents and grandparents when the only thing anyone ever really needed or…

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  • Remain Compassionate

    Remain Compassionate

    We were having SO much fun! And then my husband (Funk) killed it. I recently visited my Aunt Jan and Uncle Carl—the last of my elder relatives. We met at a restaurant and then followed their son’s car back to the Airbnb where they were staying. The bonfire pit in the backyard called to my…

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  • Business as a Force for Good Is Good for Business

    Business as a Force for Good Is Good for Business

    Entrepreneurs and small businesses are important foundations in communities around the globe. Turning their passion into a business, creating jobs, collaborating with other local businesses, building a community of satisfied and recurring customers and making money are many of the reasons entrepreneurs start their business. Many want to do more. They want to leave a…

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  • Your Unique Fingerprint on the World

    Your Unique Fingerprint on the World

    “I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint—and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe…

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  • The Power of Tuning in to Your Heart

    The Power of Tuning in to Your Heart

    Have you ever had a “knowing” hunch even though you didn’t have all the facts? What was that? Where did it come from? And more significantly, did you listen and act upon it? Learning to hear and trust my intuition, has been a fantastic influence on my life. However, learning to accept ideas without evidence…

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  • Bye-bye 2023!

    Bye-bye 2023!

    As I bid farewell to another incredible year, I invite you to join me in reflecting on the milestones, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped my journey this year. I am living my dream! I have always wanted to write about the things I love, and I am just getting started. My first year as…

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  • Returning to Work—Reset and Reconnect

    Returning to Work—Reset and Reconnect

    As businesses navigate their work environment structure, some are coming back to the office, some are already back, some have hybrid environments and some still work from home. The same applies to entrepreneurial business. Now more than ever, resetting our goals, reconnecting with others and restoring resilience are required skills to help entrepreneurs maintain business…

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  • The University Student’s Unofficial, Unauthorized but Totally Accurate Guidelines for a Budding Career

    The University Student’s Unofficial, Unauthorized but Totally Accurate Guidelines for a Budding Career

    This is all about you, the college or trade school or university student who is taking classes and hoping to graduate with a degree in something, then go out and start your career. It can also be for the person who is returning to school and getting more education and training to qualify for higher-paying…

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