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    Renate Vanaga https://unsplash.com/photos/qDRv0kP8zow

    John would lure her back, buy her presents, promise a committed future. Conflicts were fixed by sharing their true thoughts and feelings, not with sex. You are not here to struggle with anger, guilt, and resentment Surprisingly, it’s become difficult for many lovers to connect in lasting intimacy. Dating has almost become a thing of…

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  • Stay Safe Out There

    Chris Leipelt https://unsplash.com/photos/4UgUpo3YdKk

    In an emergency, Boeing directs pilots to follow these steps: Tammy Jo Shults was a U.S. Navy pilot and the captain piloting a Boeing 737 passenger aircraft when an engine blew at 32,000 feet in 2018. She relied on the steps above along with her extensive experience and training to land the plane and save…

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  • Effortless Effort

    David Brooke Martin https://unsplash.com/photos/t_ZdxJsE8iM

    Ever experience a time when all the stars seem to align and everything is perfect? Most of us have had that experience. It’s a Monday morning. The night before, you had the presence of mind to select a new shirt or sweater or outfit to wear for work the next day. Perhaps you even shined…

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  • Life Is the Meal. Flavor It Well!

    Calum Lewis https://unsplash.com/photos/vA1L1jRTM70

    Gary Vanynerchuk is a passionate entrepreneur that leverages social media to become one of the greatest. I have been following him on Instagram and Youtube since college, in 2018. His content is enjoyable because he motivates and inspires me to achieve on another level. I just finished reading his newest book Twelve and a Half…

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  • The Pride of a Roar

    Charl Durand https://unsplash.com/photos/Sb7UlHaJGVk

    One day, a hungry lion, resting under a tree, saw a porcupine coming out of his burrow. It’s natural to seek comfort when the world becomes unsettled. Trust is never found outside of ourselves. I hear the regret they feel for silencing their voice. Evening will soon fall upon the African plains. As the day’s…

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  • Patience

    Marcus Dietachmair https://unsplash.com/photos/KMZakCDuneg

    Summer in Thailand is monsoon season, but even as the sun sets, the air remains sticky and heavy, and the sun-bathed ground warms the soles of my bare feet. I lace my fingers together to keep from reaching for my mother. She would hold my hand if I ask, but I don’t. The room before…

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  • Shhh!

    Raissa Leticia https://unsplash.com/photos/AAcjZX843uw

    Lord, it happened again. I overheard not one, but TWO conversations at the same time. I nearly lost my mind. When confronted with this scenario, many people would ignore the chatter completely while others might eagerly lean in for juicy tidbits of gossip. However, those who live with developmental differences like autism or ADHD incur…

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  • We Can Do Better

    Wei Ding https://unsplash.com/photos/APdFzmUOH-8

    Everyone takes everything too seriously. Becoming offended by what someone else has to say just wastes time. People on the internet today argue merely to win. In this era, especially this past year, people firmly believe that their opinions and ideals are absolute truth. They post countless Instagram stories that condemn other opinions, with some…

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  • An Immigrant. An Enigma.

    Marek Piwnicki https://unsplash.com/photos/vJ2G0K7Ubp8

    I was a typical American girl, craving a bite at the big apple, a picture-perfect life, the American dream. However, I was actually just a young girl, festering in the insecurities and struggles that come with being an immigrant. While the world is slowly becoming privy to the dilemmas of illegal immigration, not many people…

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  • Trap

    Mark Decile https://unsplash.com/photos/ZYU4GTBiPFU

    Scratchy sheets. A faint but constant beep. I blink an eye open and my morning routine begins—kicking off with the daily, yet still shocking, realization that I lay not in the comfort of my queen-size bed, but in the cold darkness of Room 311, on the third floor of a hospital I had only visited…

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  • Making a Profound Difference

    Icons8 Team https://unsplash.com/photos/yTwXpLO5HAA

    What if someone asked you to combine two 1’s? Would you get a two or an eleven? Perspectives can be intriguing. Yours shapes how you respond to challenges and opportunities, how you communicate, and how you choose to collaborate, or even choose not to. Now, more than ever, working together is necessary for purpose-driven entrepreneurs…

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