Pouriya Kafaei

For the Love of . . . AI!?!?!

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Something really disturbs me. The rise of Artificial Intelligence girlfriends and boyfriends. Yes, this is real. AI is becoming scary! You can be talking to an AI chat bot AND have no clue that it is a bot.

A video can be made of a person that looks exactly like the person. Lord knows what the creator of that video makes the person do or say. But now some people are replacing human interaction with artificial experiences. 

Months ago, I was scrolling social media and saw ads for AI females. Obviously, I laughed at this. WOW! Is dating so bad you have to create a virtual girlfriend?? Yes, relationships are hard and sometimes dating is nearly impossible. But have people really become so lonely that they would rather talk to an avatar of a “perfect” woman? Are we in the movie Weird Science?? It is alarming that anyone can go to a website, pick from a list of AI women or even make an AI version of a favorite celebrity. 

Recently, AI created graphic representations of Taylor Swift that left nothing to the imagination. This is the danger of these software programs. You aren’t just tarnishing a person’s reputation; it is just completely wrong!! And those were just pictures of an AI celebrity. Someone can make an AI video of a world leader declaring war on another country. It may be taken seriously. 

So what’s the harm in having a digital relationship? IT TAKES THE HUMAN OUT OF IT!!!! In the last Bladerunner movie, the main character has an AI wife that is projected in his environment. She greets him when he comes home and is the ideal wife. Seeing that she could not fulfill a certain aspect of romance with her human husband, the AI wife tells him to find a woman and then she projects her image onto the human woman as they did the boogie.

Lauren Rader
Lauren Rader

This is exactly the problem. AI cannot love, cannot comfort in the way of physical touch! This is not healthy! And think about this: What if your spouse walks in while you are talking to your AI girlfriend and it leads to divorce? 

People even go as far as creating realistic dolls with AI capabilities. Yes, they give a body to their AI. But you cannot marry your toy and think you could be happy. These dolls sometimes even respond as if they are “in the mood.” Yes, they can mimic arousal. That is just weird!!

Let’s be honest. The main reason we go on a date is to find a relationship, but a huge part of that is hoping that you wake up next to this person in the morning. It’s true! Everyone has needs. Kissing a woman, holding her and making love together create the greatest feelings in the world. An AI video game cannot give you that. 

Instead of getting ready for your date and hoping in your car, you hop on the computer to meet an AI person?? Is that fun?? In a recent interview I watched, a person said that eighty percent of women are not attracted to the men they meet. Is that why people are looking for artificial means to dating?  

Hey, how can having a perfect woman, who wears what you want and says “yes” all the time, be a bad thing? Right? Well. You will learn the wrong way to be a good partner. If I ask my girlfriend to wear something or go somewhere, she has choices. And then I also have choices. That’s how we learn. Having a relationship should better you, not keep you in a state of self-gratification. An AI girlfriend may be cool for a minute. It might be something just to check out. Cause, yes, it is cool what technology can do, but that shouldn’t become your life!! 

For the Love of . . . AI!?!?!