Author: Gloria Squitiro

Sometimes It’s Really Hard Living inside of Me.

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  • Sometimes It’s Really Hard Living inside of Me.

    Sometimes It’s Really Hard Living inside of Me.

    She gifted me with the magic and beauty of the Island of Hawai’i.When it comes down to it, I kind of love flying. In the 65 years I’ve had on earth, I’ve finally learned that life is just a series of tragedies and miracles. It seems you can’t have one without the other, and what…

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  • Funk’s Little Red Corolla

    Funk’s Little Red Corolla

    In 1978, when Funk and I moved from West Virginia to Nashville, we traded-in his truck for a two-door Toyota Corolla. We were a one car household until our second born came along in 1989, at which time we purchased a van for me and the kids (eww!) and the ’78 Corolla became Funk’s car.…

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  • Universe? Pick on Someone Your Own Size!

    Universe? Pick on Someone Your Own Size!

    Recently, Funk and I replaced an incredibly ugly coffee table with a more stylish piece from Anthropologie. Ever since, he’s been stubbing his size 16 feet on the legs and howling like a little baby. And of course, every time he does, I fall into a heap of laughter on the floor. One day not…

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  • Remain Compassionate

    Remain Compassionate

    We were having SO much fun! And then my husband (Funk) killed it. I recently visited my Aunt Jan and Uncle Carl—the last of my elder relatives. We met at a restaurant and then followed their son’s car back to the Airbnb where they were staying. The bonfire pit in the backyard called to my…

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  • The Beauty Is the Same

    The Beauty Is the Same

    It’s been more than three years since my mother died.  I had just arrived in New Orleans five days prior to be with my son for a month when I got the call about my mom. She had a stroke and was put on life support. Basically, her worst-case death scenario was playing out: Having…

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  • A Walk through Fire

    A Walk through Fire

    Since Covid first began, like many people, I’ve experienced complete annihilation in certain areas of my life—the parts I’ve always considered the most important. As far as I can tell, the pandemic is a forced shift away from how we’ve been doing things and towards a New and Better Way of Existing. And not just…

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