A Pup’s Life

A Pup’s Life

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Hello. I’m Trooper, Chris’ huge yellow Labrador. Well, Chris took his own advice from the last article. Remember this line? “If you find it in your heart and have the budget, get yourself a dog!”

Chris welcomed a chocolate Lab puppy named Mac into the family! He is ten weeks old. His mother survived the Big Bear snow storms and was found pregnant. She gave birth to the pups but rejected them three weeks later. Chris opened his heart and said, “Yes, we have a home for this pup!”

When I first met the little guy, I was thinking, “OH BOY! Someone to play with!” But then, as you can guess, I started to worry that I was not going to be the golden pup anymore. That’s not OK. Afterall, I am numero uno. The big stinky cheese. I AM SUPER TROOPER! This could end up a Game of Pup Thrones! 

Chris assured me that he loves me. But I was not convinced, yet! 

Oh Goodness! Will I have to share the bed with the little pup? Chris says it’s his bed, but let’s be honest here. It’s really mine. I share it with him. I sprawl out on it and make Chris twist into a pretzel to squeeze in. I have to think about this. I mean it is my bed, right?? Right!

Mac has to sleep in his playpen for now, so my throne is safe so far!! 

Yes, the joys of a puppy are many! All twenty-four teeth, sharp as can be!! He is like a mini dinosaur, a Velociraptor to be precise. He chews like no other! He destroyed my favorite Teddy bear. That was MY Teddy!

He thinks he’s big and tough, but I show him. He barks his puppy bark and I bring the thunder like the mighty Odin, king of all the Norse gods. Mac goes, “WOW!”

I do try to cut him some slack. Buddy, the cat, does too! Sometimes puppy slobber is on Buddy and we know that the puppy has been there recently. I, however, have been elevated to Saint Trooper! I put up with a lot from the pup wonder!

Trooper “sharing” a bone with Mac

Trooper “sharing” a bone with Mac

The little squirt keeps me moving! He and I chase each other around the backyard like it’s Nascar. The pup tries to compete, but six-gear Trooper shows him up—all the time! 

It’s hilarious to watch little Mac n’ Cheese chase his tail! Like “It will never be caught, little dude!” Was I that gullible as a pup? NAAAA!!

Mac tries to pull harder than me at the tug-of-war rope, but I have seventy-plus pounds on him. It usually ends with Mac getting pulled while he has a death grip bite on the rope. He’s tough though. He won’t let go! Mac tries SO HARD! It’s actually kinda cute!

A Pup’s Life

Trooper and Mac napping

And now that I think about it, I really do love the little guy! Even though he pee’d on me once when he fell asleep while we were snuggling. Potty training has been interesting! 

But he is my little brother and I look out for him! I am a very important tool. I’m the only one in the family who can speak “dog.” I help train little Mac, so he can become a great Labrador, a distinguished pup, and an excellent assistant to help me take really good care of Chris. 

This is Trooper, saying goodbye for now!!

A Pup’s Life

Trooper Cofer was born January 7, 2016. He graduated from AKC college with a master’s degree in Cuteness. His hobbies are racing around the backyard, eating grass, and dog piling on his master, Chris. His favorite thing in the world is a back scratch!! He’d like to thank Chris for helping him write this article and sharing a picture of the two of them together when he was a pup. (See below.)

A Pup’s Life