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Diana Gini

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  • Diana Gini

    Diana Gini

    Director, Romanian United FoundationGuest Series: The Road of Our Heritage  Diana Gini was raised in Oradea, Romania and has lived abroad since 2005, in Boston, Vienna, and Dallas. In 2022, she relocated to Madrid with her husband and two young sons. Diana has a PhD in Music Psychology and an MA in Piano Interpretation. She…

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  • Aura Imbarus

    Aura Imbarus

    Aura Imbarus is an awarded educator, freelance journalist, motivational speaker, and author of the critically acclaimed Amazon best-seller, Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity, a memoir detailing her life in Romania during the Communist regime. She is also the President and Founder of See Beyond Magazine, a company focused on adolescent challenges in…

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  • Stefanie Elwood

    Stefanie Elwood

    Stefanie Elwood is a retired high school and college English instructor, with an MA in English Literature, Composition and Rhetoric. She has thoroughly loved her 20+ years in a variety of educational spaces, including professional development presentations for teachers. Throughout her career, Stefanie has been noted for high level instruction in analysis and all aspects of…

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  • Teodora Stanca

    Teodora Stanca

    Born and raised in Romania, Europe, Teodora Stanca started working in the publishing industry as an editor. Embracing her love for desktop publishing, she attained great success working for and collaborating with a variety of publishing companies, schools, theaters, and international theater and jazz festivals. Highly respected in this industry, Teodora became “the name” in…

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  • Rachel Goldberg

    Rachel Goldberg

    Rachel grew up in Maine and attended Northeastern University in Boston where she studied nursing. Rachel earned an MA in psychology/woman studies at Goddard College School for Social Change. She then developed a private practice utilizing cognitive restructuring techniques acquired at The Mind and Body Institute at Deaconess Hospital in Boston. She taught women’s studies…

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  • Nelida Dotan

    Nelida Dotan

    Nelida Dotan was born and lived more than half of her life in Romania, in a family that loved books, the arts and laughter. She earned her MS in Geology in Bucharest where she also found a love for theater, museums, art galleries and opera. The adventure of a lifetime began in 1995 when her family…

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  • Charmaine Hammond

    Charmaine Hammond

    Charmaine Hammond is a co-founder of Raise a Dream and a highly published author with eleven best sellers to her name. She has a Master’s Degree in Conflict Management & Analysis and is a CSP™ Certified Speaking Professional. Charmaine has been featured in magazines like Inc. and Occupational Health & Safety Magazine, and appears on TV and Radio…

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  • Dave Ribble

    Dave Ribble

    Dave Ribble is Founder of StandOut Mastery, a dynamic mastermind membership coaching program designed to increase your Communication, Connection and Collaboration skills, both professionally and personally. His career has centered on Sales, Advertising, Marketing and Promotion. He can be contacted at Dave is author of The Way of the Conscientious Connector (Amazon Books). He has hosted customized Global Boardroom…

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  • Penney Peirce

    Penney Peirce

    Penney Peirce is an articulate, accurate clairvoyant-empath and visionary, and one of the pioneers in the intuition development movement. She is a popular author, lecturer, counselor, and trainer specializing in intuition development, inner energy dynamics, expanded perception, personal transformation, and dreamwork. She works around the world, coaching business and government leaders, psychologists, scientists, celebrities, and those on…

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  • Chris Cofer

    Chris Cofer

    Chris Cofer was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, which slightly impacts his speech and walking. He grew up in a loving family. Unfortunately, his father died in a car accident when Chris was nine. His only unrealized goal was to be a U.S. Marine. He earned his certificate in Computer IT and Networking from Laurus College and…

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