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Nelida Dotan

Nelida Dotan was born and lived more than half of her life in Romania, in a family that loved books, the arts and laughter. She earned her MS in Geology in Bucharest where she also found a love for theater, museums, art galleries and opera. The adventure of a lifetime began in 1995 when her family immigrated to the US. Upon arrival, Nelida knew no English and still managed to attend school, start a new career in the medical field, and enjoy being a wife and mother. Today, she loves her job as an oncology certified charge nurse and credits her patients for teaching her to make each day meaningful. 

Nelida discovered the magnificence of photography while traveling to places she had read about. She considers her work an invitation to experience the untainted magnificence of this world through her eyes. Recently, Nelida had the honor of having few of her best photos chosen for an exhibition in Barcelona (Spain). She was nominated many times as the photographer of the day in the famous international group “Fotografos sens frontier” from Brazil. She also earned awards within various groups of photographers. 

See Beyond Magazine is honored to present Nelida’s pictures from her many travels. She brings us a vast array of intriguing and faraway places, delighting everyone with the beauty of historic, cultural treasures.