Grayse McCormick

Grayce McCormick

Grayce McCormick owns Lightfinder Public Relations and previously owned a music management company, taking on both sides of the microphone in radio and discovering the Next Big Thing as an A&R executive. Grayce is currently executive producing a multi-million-dollar feature film and a documentary on the Mojave Desert. She is co-producing a limited series about Captain Jerry Yellin, based on the best-seller The Last Fighter Pilot and the final mission of WWII. Her team includes military best-selling author Don Brown, prolific director Frank Capra, award-winning director and producer Brian Frankish (Field of DreamsThe Fugitive). Grayce loves traveling, chilled champagne, the culinary arts, open mic nights, reading, meditating, sound healing, Pilates, spending time with family and friends, and cuddling her pup, Maia.