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Chips y Salsa, Anyone?

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I recently went to Chips y Salsa Wine Bar for their grand opening in the charming downtown area of Florence, Colorado. I had an amazing time there! This historic city is the antique capital of Colorado. The Chips y Salsa Wine Bar complements that ambience with its striking décor, with intense pink, shiny gold and bright turquoise. You will find feathered drop lights, lots of mirrors and sparkle galore. Customers receive a beautiful cut-glass table lamp to turn on for service. Much of the glassware at Chips y Salsa comes from local antique stores. This wine bar is very chic, elegant and inviting.

Chips y Salsa, Anyone?

Liz and Chandler Knies’ old building is loaded with history. It was previously owned by Liz’s father, who had tried unsuccessfully to sell it. The building needed repairs and, at the time of his passing, had stood vacant for over six years. When Liz initially inherited the building, it was not clear what the plan should be.

People often asked where to go to meet people. A self-proclaimed introvert, Liz could relate to such a dilemma. So she decided to honor her dad’s legacy by opening up a wine bar. Even the anomaly of her business name makes sense when you understand it. You see, Chips y Salsa does not actually serve chips or salsa. The name harkens back to a time when people would meet up at a Mexican restaurant and bond over chips and salsa. The name of this wine bar is about the mood, not the food.

Instead, Chips y Salsa offers charcuterie boards, with delicious delights for one person, for two, and more. Their meats and parmesan cheese are imported from Italy. They have tasty macarons and, of course, a variety of wines. For those of us who prefer to mingle alcohol free, the mocktail menu is incredible!  

Chips y Salsa, Anyone?
Chocolate Dream Mocktail

I indulged in a charcuterie board and tried two of their mocktails. The Watermelon Sunshine is sweet and light to the taste with a spritz of lime and mint. The Mule Kick adds a kick of jalapeno in ginger beer. Both are delicious! I kept hearing that their Chocolate Dream mocktail takes the whole cake and is their most popular choice. I returned the next day for more of the grand opening festivities and gave it a try. So yummy!

I gotta say that Liz did an amazing job creating the welcoming vibe she hoped for. If you are with someone you’ve just met, feel free to pull questions out of a “conversation” jar, for great ice breakers. You can count on regular events for meeting people with similar interests. They have book clubs, Friday game night, and Wednesday is all about selfcare. Liz and Chandler’s wine bar is a great place to stop in before heading out for dinner or to meet clients and close a deal. Chips y Salsa will help people create memories and build meaningful relationships for sure. As a Professional Connector, I am impressed with Liz’s concept.

While attending the Chips y Salsa grand opening, I had the great pleasure of meeting the President of the Florence Chamber of Commerce, Joen Elliott. I interviewed Joen for an episode of my show. We discussed Florence, its multitude of amazing antique stores, and fun upcoming events. She is a dynamic woman! Meet her on my Hey Stacey Marie Youtube channel.  

Florence’s vibrant downtown area is full of antique shops, retail stores, and restaurants. The people are super friendly. In September of 2016, Netflix filmed Our Souls at Night, with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. Watch the movie and then come scout out the location! You’ll feel right at home.

I often bring my family to Florence to enjoy the unique culinary and shopping opportunities. Add this quaint town to your bucket list, and when you’re in town, contact me! Let’s grab a charcuterie board and a mocktail together at Chips y Salsa! 


Incorporated in 1887, Florence is a statutory city of 3,800 people, located in Fremont County, Colorado. We are situated in Colorado’s “banana belt” at the base of the Rocky Mountains, alongside the banks of the Arkansas River. Florence’s unique location provides for mild winters, allows for numerous agricultural pursuits, and gives our town unique River and Mountain parks. Named after the daughter of the City’s founder Senator James McCandless, Florence is known as the first place oil was discovered west of the Mississippi River and it has a rich history associated with numerous immigrant groups. Florence was home to three railroads and a small depot, providing a commercial hub for coal and oil mining.  

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Chips y Salsa, Anyone?