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  • Taken Away, Again

    Taken Away, Again

    I am Ilze Marie Madeiros, but that wasn’t always my name. I used to be Ilze […]

  • Playing with Playlists

    Playing with Playlists

    If I had a nickel for every playlist I’ve made in my life, I would just go ahead and […]

  • Hanging by a Thread

    Hanging by a Thread

    As I’m about to doze off, an idea strikes me. Grumbling but excited, I grab […]

  • Bring on the Party!

    Bring on the Party!

    Yes! Bring on all the Holliday cheer that surrounds us in November and December! However, let’s not bring on the average 5-10 extra pounds everyone gains. Ever wonder why we go on diets in January? You guessed it. It’s not just to get ready for beach season. It’s also to lose the “ugh” we gained […]

  • Adolescent Conformity and Groupthink on Social Media

    Adolescent Conformity and Groupthink on Social Media

    American adolescents sacrifice individuality for the social validation of assimilation. Social media promotes assimilation as the predominant manner of connecting with others. Influencers or public figures dominate digital discourse at the expense of ordinary citizens. Some digital ideas are drowned out by the most powerful members of society. Social media platforms are conformist by design […]

  • Criticism: Helpful or Harmful?

    Criticism: Helpful or Harmful?

    Criticism: the art of defining the qualities or merits of a thing; discrimination or discussion of character or quality. The creative writing teacher marked up the short story Emily turned in at the end of the semester—and it was virtually covered with red marks! Lots of sentences were crossed out and different words inserted instead. […]

  • Dominos


    By October, panic erupted in my chest when I thought about the future. How wonderful it is to create things like this! I took a deep breath, tapping the side of my keyboard nervously, wondering if I was about to make the best decision of my life or a horrible mistake. The Common App website […]



    John would lure her back, buy her presents, promise a committed future. Conflicts were fixed by sharing their true thoughts and feelings, not with sex. You are not here to struggle with anger, guilt, and resentment Surprisingly, it’s become difficult for many lovers to connect in lasting intimacy. Dating has almost become a thing of […]

  • Stay Safe Out There

    Stay Safe Out There

    In an emergency, Boeing directs pilots to follow these steps: Tammy Jo Shults was a U.S. Navy pilot and the captain piloting a Boeing 737 passenger aircraft when an engine blew at 32,000 feet in 2018. She relied on the steps above along with her extensive experience and training to land the plane and save […]

  • Effortless Effort

    Effortless Effort

    Ever experience a time when all the stars seem to align and everything is perfect? Most of us have had that experience. It’s a Monday morning. The night before, you had the presence of mind to select a new shirt or sweater or outfit to wear for work the next day. Perhaps you even shined […]