Mission and Core Values

The beginning of a new thinking mode beyond norms


In trying to find a way to assist youth, young adults, and the young at heart with self-esteem issues, determination, and motivation in life, See Beyond Magazine was born. In its pages, we are aiming to provide inspiration and strategies that enable these young minds to perceive life beyond the veil of temporary disillusionment, rollercoaster setbacks, devastating breakups, and the monumental stress of rainy days and dark nights.

See Beyond Magazine constitutes the launching pad of a new movement for all those who have forgotten their innate limitless potential. In the end, it is not how many times we fall down, but how many times we pick ourselves up that matters. The magazine, geared toward young adults but also young-at-heart people, is covering enlightened education, family, relationships, happiness, intentional living, life issues, spiritual growing, social justice, health and fitness, business and employment.

The See Beyond Magazine is publishing ideas that break stereotypes, challenge the status quo of a “schooled” society and an “educated” cohort, changes the world we live in, making people more aware and more in tune with their surroundings. Our publication is engaging this new generation in a deeper conversation about faith and hope, while seeing beyond life’s challenges. No one has it all figured out and neither had we, but we will never stop pursuing truth and authenticity with love and passion.

Core Values