Alexander Jawfox

Born Magical

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We’re born magical, yet that internal gift is often squelched.
When we listen, we are freed from the bondage of fear.
You can regain your mission and purpose.

After writing The Healing Moment: 7 Paths to Turn Messes into the Miracle of Love, people told me they never realized that they have had healing moments. Others said they experienced those messages but didn’t act on them. Healing moments provide opportunities to turn our lives from negative to positive. Even more importantly, they can take us on a journey from failure to success.

A healing moment is a divine internal message that can dawn upon you at any time. It usually occurs when your mind is open to receiving a better direction but can also happen when danger is imminent. I once had a healing moment on the interstate. After slamming on my brakes when someone pulled in front of me on a wet, oil-slick road, my car began to hydroplane, swerving across the lanes on the highway. Panicked, I desperately tried to manage the steering and brakes, but the vehicle only swerved more.

John McCann

While terrified that my spinning car would slam into another automobile, I suddenly heard an internal message cut through my chaotic mind that said, “Let off the brakes and gain control.” The moment I lifted my foot from the brake pedal, the car resumed normal functioning. I’ve used this experience as a metaphor ever since. Exercising too much control is a recipe for disaster. Letting go allows life to run smoothly as it is destined.

People often share that they have healing moments while reading my book. Debra said she received the message, “You’re magical.” That is true. We’re born magical, yet that internal gift is often squelched.

Debra knew she was gifted but stopped connecting with it. “My healing moment was hearing the divine message that reminded me I’m magical, which was then confirmed by my angel.” She also realized she’d had many healing moments and never recognized what they were.

Such moments are about correcting relationships—with ourselves and others. A patient, Chuck, had difficulty forming an attachment with a woman. He had a series of relationships that started with a bang and then quickly fizzled. He finally met someone with whom he had deep and lasting feelings, but once again, after the newness wore off, Chuck was in the same predicament of feeling disconnected. This time, however, instead of feeling bored and restless, he had his healing moment. When an internal voice said, “Attach,” he allowed himself to feel close to his girlfriend instead of being immobilized by his fear of being trapped and hurt.

A healing moment is a message that cuts through the fog and replaces fear-based thoughts with loving truth. Once we listen to those divine messages, we replace fear with peace. Our internal compass stops spinning and points out a clear and healing direction.

Healing moments are spiritual messages that point the way out of the woods and back into our designated journey. When we ignore those suggestions, nothing changes. When we listen, we are freed from the bondage of fear.

If you’re lost, wandering down a wooded road, and you consult your map or navigation system, it’s not enough to get directions. To find your way out of the woods, you must follow directions. The same is true of our internal navigation system.

When my car was hydroplaning, if I’d ignored the message, my car might have crashed. Listening, and then letting go, prevented an accident.

When Debra was reminded that she was magical, she wasn’t sure what to do with that information. As she pondered, Debra was further reminded that she’d used her gifts to help people and needed to continue to tap into that spiritual source and use it again. This was a message that brought her back to her mission and purpose.

When Chuck accessed the part of him that was afraid to bond, he could move past his fear and feel genuine love. He could have gone through his entire life repeating the same pattern without any awareness of how he was trapped in his unconscious. His healing moment was when he heard the message and acted on that guidance.

The Healing Moment turns messes into miracles when we allow a voice of love to clear the clouds so we can receive truth. Whenever you’re stressed or jammed up about something, ask your inner guide for help. By listening to that internal voice, you can regain your mission and purpose in the moment and the future. We are all here for a reason—to share and receive love. Whether it’s a small choice or a major one, the healing moment takes us out of the woods and places us back on the path to success.

Born Magical